Thursday, June 2, 2011


This May was crazy, but oh so fun. We had a reunion down in El Paso, fo my parents last hoorah, before they go to their mission. My wonderful hubby let Cordellia and I fly down early to spend a little quality time the the rents. We had a blast! The kids all had fun playing together, swimming, walking to the park, playing at the cabin, going to the zoo, name it, we did it. It was fun this year because all of the babies are now almost one and a half! And little Bennie is already eight months! I just love my nieces and nephews, they all have adorable personalities, and are the cutest things you ever did see. Cory did amazingly well too, sleeping wise she did incredible, and she played rather nicely with the little ones. She finds other little kids just hilarious, she giggles, and sometimes laughs hysterically if they are acting silly.
We all had a sack race, jumprope contest, and a few evenings ALL the adults played dance-off... Talk about a good time :)

And on my birthday, Cordy actually said birth-day.... it was so fun!!! She only said it like three times that day, and then decided she didn't want it to be part of her vocabulary....but it made the day that much more special!

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Don Anderson said...

Oh Brenna! What wonderful memories! We DO have a beautiful wonderful family! I sure do love you!