Sunday, May 1, 2011

So Fast

Cordy is growing an developing so much that it is hard to remember little things she is learning, and doing. Now that she is getting older, I'm trying to be a good mom and include her in more. On Friday we made cookie bars together :) I pulled up a chair to the counter, and I would measure out the ingredients and she would pour them was so fun. I know she really enjoyed it too, especially when it came time o put the chocolate chips in. I gave her two to eat and then I started pouring the rest in. She just kept saying "wow, whoa, WHOA, wow" haha, it was too adorable. I gave her a spoon to help me press the dough in the pan, but I had to catch her a few times scooping up the dough and trying to shove it into her mouth. One thing she loves to do is to try and put on our shoes. She is usually unsuccessful, seeing that they are about 15 times too big :) but today she was successful with my heels...She was walking around in one of them, oh man, she wants to grow up too fast. I constantly have to keep her out of my makeup because she knows it goes on her face, and my jewelry she can't get enough of--I'm going to be fighting her about that stuff before she's five!!!!!

Sory I can't find the copy without the watermark :)