Monday, May 24, 2010

A Great Birthday

So this year for my birthday, I wasn't expecting too much. Since I have been up here for school, I have either gone home for my birthday or my sister has been up here to make me a cake and a birthday dinner. We have taken care of each other (birthday-wise) for the past few years. Now with Kristen gone, and Aaron works long hours and is doing research for school, I didn't expect much.
But my wonderful husband exceeded my expectations. He came home for lunch and brought me those pretty flowers. Then he came home in between work and research, and made me yummy cordon bleau burgers, and then in between research shifts he brought me home a german chocolate cake and birthday cake ice cream. It was the sweetest thing :), he even set off the smoke detectors when lighting my candles. He definitely made my day.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My two loves!

I can't believe that Aaron and I have already been married for two years!! It is nothing like I could have ever expected--so much better. Through many ups and downs, he has been absolutely amazing for me. He treats me so well and I love him soooo soooooo much! I have learned so much about a committed and loving relationship from him.
Honestly I couldn't have found a greater man to spend forever with! We had to postpone celebrating our anniversary, because we had just got back from San Diego (which we kind of count as our anniversary present <3). But we went out to eat at Olive Garden, and we took the little munchkin with us.
Things are so different now with Cordy around, but so fun. She is such a good baby, and she is so sweet. It has been so fun to see her relationship with her Daddy grow. I love watching the two of them. He will play with her, and she will give him the biggest smiles, and giggles (mind you, she only giggles for her daddy). And he has gotten really good at putting her to sleep at night, which mommy loves.
But yesterday I was looking at pregnancy pictures, and hospital pictures, and it made me so sad. I can't believe how much my little girl has already grown these past four months. I remember so vividly, waiting and waiting for her to come. I loved feeling every little kick and nudge, and just wondering what she would look like, and what life would be like with her. And now, I want so badly for time to slow down! I can't get enough of her giggles and smiles, or cuddle time with her.
I really had no idea what marriage, or having a baby would be like. I pictured things going so smoothly and perfectly. But although I never knew life could be so challenging, I never knew it could be SOOO rewarding, so full of love, and so full of happiness.

I love my little family so much.