Sunday, July 24, 2011


It has been forever since I have posted here. And here is a recap of our past two months.

June—Cordy and I both went to our first carnival! It was a lot of fun, she rode a few rides with daddy, while I took pictures. This child loves adventure, she would seriously go on roller coasters if she was allowed. She now makes multiple animal noises (duck, snake, monkey, dog, cat, bird, fish, donkey, chicken, cow...) She loves her animals. Aaron took her to petsmart yesterday and she about freaked out, wanting to touch all of them. We have to be so careful with her! Just the other day we were playing outside, and a lady was walking her dog—Cordy squealed, and ran as fast as she could towards it, saying whu whu whu (dog noise). She gives the cutest kisses now too, and is obsessed with putting her doll to bed, and telling her "nigh nigh." And she's a pro at blowing bubble now too, she calls them "buh buhs" She absolutely LOVES books. She would rather read than even play outside or watch tv. She points at everything, wanting me to tell her what it is....

My parents came up to Utah to go to the MTC for less than a week, before they headed out to Florida. We had so much fun with them, and it's been amazing how the spirit has entered out lives since then. They are experiencing so many incredible things, and it strengthens my testimony every day! We were sad to see them go, but we are excited for the opportunity they are having.

We also roadtriped with uncle Seth up to Turlock to visit Cordy's first King cousin, Baby Beckham. We stopped at the Salt flats and got some fun pictures. We were able to make it for Beckham's blessing. It was great seeing Grandma and Grandpa, and Nate and Mckae; we had a blast. We also said goodbye to some dear friends of ours who moved back to Idaho! There is so much transition happening to everyone but us right now!

July—Aaron got a scooter...he's been begging me forever for one. I finally broke down and told him if he could find a GOOD one at a certain price he could get it. I didn't think it would be possible, but less than 24 hours later he had one. He ended up bargaining the ksl owner down %60 of what she had listed it on KSl for! That crazy kid. I also photographed my first wedding, and attended an all day long photography class, which was so helpful! Things have been really picking up lately, and I couldn't be more excited. I also edited my home bishops book, which was amazing. And I am now editing my neighbors book. Hence why I haven't been blogging! But I couldn't be happier because I feel so blessed. Oh, and I also highlighted my hair!! Ahh, it is so light to me, but I think I'm liking it. And while I was getting that done, Aaron spoiled our little girl :) he got her a mini pink camleback (on sale too)! It's the cutest thing ever. She loves her dad's and is always sipping water out of it when she can get a chance, so he broke down and got her one too. He also bought her a dog bed...haha, she loved the (clean) one at Mckae's parents house, so he thought it would be a fun big pillow for her....oh boy, it will be a while until I leave them alone together again ;)

I just love my family!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


This May was crazy, but oh so fun. We had a reunion down in El Paso, fo my parents last hoorah, before they go to their mission. My wonderful hubby let Cordellia and I fly down early to spend a little quality time the the rents. We had a blast! The kids all had fun playing together, swimming, walking to the park, playing at the cabin, going to the zoo, name it, we did it. It was fun this year because all of the babies are now almost one and a half! And little Bennie is already eight months! I just love my nieces and nephews, they all have adorable personalities, and are the cutest things you ever did see. Cory did amazingly well too, sleeping wise she did incredible, and she played rather nicely with the little ones. She finds other little kids just hilarious, she giggles, and sometimes laughs hysterically if they are acting silly.
We all had a sack race, jumprope contest, and a few evenings ALL the adults played dance-off... Talk about a good time :)

And on my birthday, Cordy actually said birth-day.... it was so fun!!! She only said it like three times that day, and then decided she didn't want it to be part of her vocabulary....but it made the day that much more special!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

So Fast

Cordy is growing an developing so much that it is hard to remember little things she is learning, and doing. Now that she is getting older, I'm trying to be a good mom and include her in more. On Friday we made cookie bars together :) I pulled up a chair to the counter, and I would measure out the ingredients and she would pour them was so fun. I know she really enjoyed it too, especially when it came time o put the chocolate chips in. I gave her two to eat and then I started pouring the rest in. She just kept saying "wow, whoa, WHOA, wow" haha, it was too adorable. I gave her a spoon to help me press the dough in the pan, but I had to catch her a few times scooping up the dough and trying to shove it into her mouth. One thing she loves to do is to try and put on our shoes. She is usually unsuccessful, seeing that they are about 15 times too big :) but today she was successful with my heels...She was walking around in one of them, oh man, she wants to grow up too fast. I constantly have to keep her out of my makeup because she knows it goes on her face, and my jewelry she can't get enough of--I'm going to be fighting her about that stuff before she's five!!!!!

Sory I can't find the copy without the watermark :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awesome giveaway!!


I totally wish that I could win this!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


This Easter was really nice. We really enjoyed focusing more on Christ this year, and reading some in Luke, about Gethsemane, and the Resurrection. I am so grateful for our Savior, and all that he has sacrificed for us! We definitely want to make this a tradition.

The Easter bunny left Cordy a basket full of goodies :) She was thrilled that he left her cocoa puffs, and cherrioes in some of her eggs, and even more pleased to find m&m's and other sweet treats! For dinner we went up to my aunt's and the two little ones enjoyed a pampered walk (just look at the photo, and you'll understand) and a little playing outside.

After Cordy rummaged through her basket

She found one of Daddy's robin eggs--a little too big :)

Our sweet angel

The pampered walk :)

We decided they looked like old movie stars

Aren't they dolls!

The two girls playing peek-a-boo--how adorable is that!


Aaron Lyle King (a.k.a. Hubby, and Daddy) just graduated from BYU, and we couldn't be prouder of him. He is such an amazing man, and couldn't be a better husband and father. Cordellia, Seth, and I all went to see him graduate. It was a little long for the little miss, but we kept her occupied while loading her with sugar. And she made plenty of friends by charming the people in front and next to us...haha.

I LOVE this one of these two!!!

These four have been best friends for the past four years

Thursday, April 14, 2011

So Happy

I just can't get enough of my little angel!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Massive Update

Since I use this blog as a source for journal writing, I usually post every so often, or more often to write about new developments with the little miss. Well, I have definitely neglected that because she has changed and developed so much over the last month.

She now has so wonderfully learned the word "no". She repeats it to me when ever I tell her that and even points or claps her hands together, mimicking me. She loves to tell other little kids "no" as well, like when my sister and nephew stayed with us that poor boy would be told no at least twice for doing the same thing.
She is ever so observant. Sometimes when I tell her "no", I say "Hey, Cordy no!" So now whenever I tell her "no" she always smiles and says "hey". Really, how can you stay mad at that....

She is such a girly girl! So the other day my mom bought her some cute shorts, when we tried them on her, she got down and started spinning in circles with a big smile on her face, then ran to the mirror. I'm not joking about that either. I had twirled for her in my dress earlier, and she remembered. Now every time we put a hat or something on her, she either spins in circles or at least runs to the mirror.
She even puts her hands to her cheeks and says "ooohhh" in a soft pretty voice. It is the cutest thing ever.

Sometimes when she is in a frustrated mood she bunches up her faces and puckers her lips, if she walks by the mirror she will stop and look at herself while moving her lips and face into other fake sad faces, it's ridiculous, but once again super adorable.

Whenever she drops something, or something surprises her, she stops and looks at us and says "whoa". It's hilarious.

She LOVES to be tickled. When we tickle her, we start wiggling are fingers and move them slowly toward her, which is never fast enough for her, so she moves closer and closer until we tickle her again :) Her giggle is SO infectious.

And she has watched her mamma too much, and now during a meal time she HAS to dip everything. This is definitely my fault, I LOVE sauce: marinara with pizza, bbq sauce with everything else (maybe not everything, but almost). And now she has the motions down and everything. We are trying to break her of it because she ends up looking like this :)