Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ohhh Christmas Tree

This Christmas was fantastic. Having little Cordellia around to share the holidays with makes life so perfect!! It has been amazing with my wonderful husband the last two years, but somehow she is able to channel in so much more love into our little family :) We were lucky enough to have my parents stay with us over the weekend, and it was wonderful. We had a traditional Christmas Eve, full of food, games, and traditions. And Christmas day was great. Cordy was so happy ripping up all of the paper. She loved all her gifts, but her favorite by far was a pillow panda from Grandma and Grandpa, and a baby dolly from Nana and Papa. It is so cute to watch her with them--she giggles and cradles the baby, and falls face first onto her pillow to feel the softness of the fur on her face. And she can now imitate a duck and a lamb; for a duck she says "ka ka" for quack, and she says "aaaa" for a sheep's baaa. Kind of random, but that's what she chooses to imitate :)

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

Loves her second cousin's saddle

Loves on her baby all the time

What a little ham

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A little Christmas Spirit

So this past month has been super busy, but full of Christmasy things. We have done a ton of baking, decorating, crafting, and planning (well maybe just me). My parents our coming up tomorrow to spend Christmas with our little family, and we are super excited. Here are just a few recaps from this month.

Aaron has officially applied for Optometry school!! We are so excited to start that chapter of our lives! And he only has one more semester to go before graduating from BYU:)

Cordy is officially walking... our eleven month old baby girl is toddling all over the place now. It's so exciting, but sad at the same time because she's growing up too fast for her mommy and daddy.

She is talking up a storm. No real words, but just babbling all sorts of things while she toddles around.

She mimics everything. She gives kisses and hugs now, and talks on her "new" phone like crazy--she always has it up to her ear and just babbles. She also occasionally copies the random "uh-ohs" and any loud noises. Every time we say "love a baby" she puts her doll, or stuffed animal up to her shoulder and pats it on the back, it is so precious. She also mimics us anytime we laugh or cough. She is just a little sponge right now!!!

She still loves everyone, reaches out to any person she sees--and steals their hearts.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tiny Toes

So the other week I decided to paint Cordy's toenails...that was interesting. I should have known it would be a mess, but I really couldn't resist. I put her in her highchair, so she couldn't reach her toes. I think after the whole process was over I got maybe three times as much nail polish on her feet than on her nails...after I cleaned it up I couldn't get over how cute they were! Pictures didn't do it justice, it was absolutely adorable (although I will probably wait a while before I do it again). And just looking at her feet reminded me of a sonagram picture I got of her when I was only 24 weeks along. You could just see the bottom of her feet, and all of her tiny little toes! And I can't believe my angel baby girl is almost one! Time is going by way too fast.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Time!!

In good ol' Texas it was babies galore! And it really was non-stop entertainment, busyness, and fun. Cordy is loving her little cousins; she gets a little concerned when she hears crying, but she is having so much fun with them! She is a little bit more of the non-sharing type...haha, but we are working on it. But it is so cute, every time she hears Jovi or Haiden laughing or talking she gets so excited. She has to speed crawl over to them and just giggle, and rub their heads... She LOVES little kids, and she is becoming such good friends with her cousins: I love it.
We had a blast with every one. I loved shopping with the girls, playing board games once the kiddos were in bed and just spending time visiting and laughing. We had Christmas this thanksgiving with every one, since every one else will be at the in-laws for Christmas, and the babies loved it. Cordy, Haiden, and Jovi are so fun together, although Cordy might be a little rough she has learned how to play better with her little friends. Our new nephew Benjamin is so cute, and it was so fun to hold a newborn again. The older kids, Luke, Annie, and Elise had a lot of fun too: their personalities are so adorable. So in retrospect we had a blast with every one, and were sad to leave, I love all of my family!

While we were visiting Cordy has done so much! She started standing on her own a ton, and on the 28th she took her first steps. I put her on the ground standing and my mom reached out to her and she took two or three steps after I let go of her!!! I can't believe my baby is getting so big! And she is so much more cuddly now, which I LOVE! At night if she cries, I am able to go and pick her up and rock her back to sleep, I haven't been able to do that for months. And she will give hugs now. If you go over close to her, she will reach out and wrap her arms around your neck and lay her head on your shoulder. It just melts my heart!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cordy's New Tricks

So over the past few months Cordy has learned so many cute and fun things.

One-Every time she sees someone clapping, or hears clapping or a loud noise on the tv, she automatically looks at us, and gives us a big smile while she says something like yay and claps. Then she'll stop and do it again. And of course it gets everyone else clapping an saying yay. It is too dang cute.

Two-She loves cell phones. She will take our cell phones and play with them, put them in her mouth, but now she puts them up to the side of her head and says hey...oh man, what a cutie.

Three-She is learning to wave. She stretches out her hand whenever we come into a room and rubs her fingers on her thumb as she says something like hi. It just kills me every time.

Needless to say our little girl has us wrapped around her tiny little fingers. She seriously has us smiling all day long.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Belated Birthday

So Aaron's brother Seth had a birthday a few weeks ago. We went to his cousins to celebrate it and had a great time. But my family has always had big birthday traditions, and when I had a few siblings up here we always spoiled each other. So I wanted to have fun and give Seth his own night too. I made his request for French dipped sandwiches, which were divine! And I experimented with a cake as well. Aaron and I have been watching Cake Boss, and love it. The show gave me the urge to give a shot at cake decorating. I made fondant for the first time, and made a four layered cake (thanks to my lovely aunt who gave me the pans!). It was surprisingly delicious, and pretty fun to make too. I couldn't find my thinner tip, so it looked a little different than I wanted it to.

Monday, November 8, 2010


So I am finally working out my post baby body...the past few months it has been touch and go, but I am finally in a routine, and it feels great! I've been doing classes: turbokick, spin, and zumba (they are killer, but so fun). And because I've been active, I guess I feel justified in baking more :) I made these little glazed banana bread bunt cakes, that's a mouthful...literally too.

And I had to put up a few picture of Cordy, of course. The other night we put her to bed, and about an hour later we hear these high pitched wooos, and ahhhs. I couldn't resist and I had to peak in; she was wide awake, and grabbing onto the side of her crib while she swayed side to side. I obviously couldn't help myself and I brought her out to play a little longer :) She has one irresistible personality, that's for sure.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Slowing Down

So, just recently I have been trying to have some girl time with my friends, and it has been so amazing! Aaron has been such a good husband and he really pushes me to hang out with my old friends...This month I feel so much better about myself because I have had some girl time. Time where Daddy is taking care of Cordy, and I can completely relax and spend an hour or so just having fun and having no responsibilities: no dishes, no diapers, no feeding, no vacuuming... just me. I know this sounds so selfish, but I have realized as a mom, this time is so important! I think I would go crazy without some "me" time. I love, love, love being a mom and a wife, but at times I want to pull my hair out because I feel like there are days where I cook, clean, do laundry, and put baby to bed/feed 24/7. This is time where I can just breathe and completely de-stress (I have been grinding my teeth at night like crazy because I get so stressed sometimes.)

Having this time makes me realize how much I love my little family. It's amazing that by pulling back a little, and having a chance to relax makes life so much more enjoyable. Lately I have worked out with some of my friends, done crafts, and yes even shopping and tanning. Some things that make life slow down again, in a good way. I hardly ever do things like this anymore with other girls, and once in a while it's kind of nice :) . I feel so blessed to have a husband that doesn't grumble when I ask to run some errands in the evening, while he watches the munchkin. He loves to see me happy, and would literally do anything to see me smile.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"T" "i" double ga er

Well I'm not sure how I would write that, but anyways that is what Cordy was for Halloween. She was the cutest little hundred acre wood character ever. We went to BYU's children Halloween party, which was a blast. She went fishing with daddy, and caught a little rubber duck, then she was part of a costume parade, and not to mention she got to hangout with her cute skunk (Ellie) and ladybug (Camryn) friends. Oh, and she got a picture with Cosmo dressed up as Batman :) Then on Saturday the Keetons invited us to their trunk or treat and Cordy had a ball getting candy. She thought it was the best game ever. She got to reach into bowls and pull out a crinkly bright colored toy (piece of candy), and then daddy put it in her pumpkin and she did it all over again. I loved watching her. I can't imagine how much more fun this is going to get as she gets bigger.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Nana and Papa

Can't you see Cordy's expression of pure happiness?!

We have enjoyed seeing my parents this year numerous times!!! I feel lucky that there have been so many weddings and other things going on here in Utah, things that make my parents come visit us! Love, Love, Love them!

I love dad's face here, priceless :)

Holiday Baking

I love baking, but I haven't been doing it too much the past few months because I also love to eat baked goods...But for the beginning of the holiday season I really can't resist. Cordy recently got a highchair, so that makes it easier to be in the kitchen, it's like having a babysitter so I can get things done and know she can't get into trouble :)
I was able to make some chocolate peanut butter cookies! Perfect color combination for Halloween.

In order to keep little miss Cordy entertained, I periodically give her kitchen tools (spoons, spatulas, measuring cups...) and she eventually looses interest and drops them, waiting for me to pick them up so she can drop them again, one of those fun games.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Cordellia June at 2 weeks

So lately I have had a few friends tell me that they are pregnant!! And I am so excited for all of them. But it has just got me thinking about my experience being pregnant with Cordy. And although there were times where heartburn was so bad, or I couldn't get comfortable sleeping, I wouldn't have traded that experience for the world. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant it seemed so surreal. We had been trying for a few months, and I probably took like 10 pregnancy tests...and nothing. So I was always hoping but I kind of thought I already knew the answer. But I was proved wrong that day, and it was the best day ever! I wanted to tell everyone. But we told family, and then kept it under wraps for a few weeks. I have a lot of fond memories and these are just a few... <3 I'm not going to lie, this is more of a journal entry, so don't feel like you have to read it. I just wanted to write down these memories somewhere they wouldn't be lost.

Having my first ultrasound! At my first appointment, 8 weeks, we got to see and hear our little one's heart beat. That was honestly the most amazing experience ever. We knew we were pregnant, but seeing our little angel made it so much more real. The nurse printed up pictures, and suggested that I put one in my wallet (and I still have it there today).

Finding out were having a girl! When I was 16 weeks along, my mom and dad were in town. I had an appointment, and I took my mom along. We had a little plan that we would use my mom as an excuse to try and get another ultrasound (so she could see her grand baby), and secretly hoped that they would look for the gender. So our little plan worked, but the doctor totally saw through it. And although it was a quick ultrasound they told us it was a girl!!!! I was soo, soo excited. I stopped off at Aaron's work and showed him the picture. He was thrilled (he couldn't go to many appointments because of work and school, so he didn't mind.)

Feeling her for the first time! When I was flying home from my baby shower in Texas, (I was 19 weeks along) while Aaron was laying on my lap, I felt a weird sensation. Like my organs were shifting in side of me. That was Cordy!

Feeling her in general! As she got bigger I loved to just sit in class and place my hand on my belly, (while I was not really listening) and just feel her move. Also when I would lay on my side in bed she would wiggle like crazy. It took a while to fall asleep but I didn't mind! I loved knowing that she was healthy, even if it meant painful kicks to my bladder, or sides.

The first time Aaron saw her move. I was probably like 23 to 25 weeks along. We were cuddling on the lovesack watching a movie. I was wearing a fitted shirt, and I pointed to my stomach when I started feeling her stretch. And you could totally see a little limb poking out of my tummy. He was so weirded out (In a good way). All this time he could occasionally feel her move. It was so real to me, but it hadn't felt as real to him.

Growing. I loved to see my belly grow, (the only time in my life when it has been okay). It was fun to be showing and have everyone want to touch your belly (a little weird, but not so much at the time). And have everyone stare at you, and you just were so proud of your baby bump...I really loved it.

Hiccups. I loved when she had hiccups. It was so cute and fun to feel a repetitive little movement every few seconds for up to five or so minutes.

Having her with me all the time. That is one thing I enjoyed every second of. Knowing that anywhere I went she would always be with me...it was like I could always protect her...I wish it would always be like that!!

And then the contractions. I know they were painful as all got out, but knowing what they lead to made it so exciting! I started contracting early Monday morning the 25th. They were about 20 minutes apart and then went to 10, and 7, then 3. The doctor told me to wait a few hours after they got to around 5 minutes apart. And finally (after an episode of the Bachelor, trying to get my mind off of it) we headed to the hospital. They monitored me for an hour, and although my contractions were back to 5 minutes apart, I wasn't progressing fast enough, so they sent me home with a morphine shot. That was the longest night of my life. I slept (the very little that I did) on the couch, so I wouldn't keep Aaron awake. After every contraction I kept telling my self I'll wait a for few more, and a few more. And finally at 8:30 am, we headed to the hospital again. I still wasn't progressing very fast, so the sweet nurse helped me along, and gave me pitocin (to speed up the process). After a few hours of waiting, labor took about 45 minutes, and Aaron got to help out quite a bit...poor guy, the nurse left him with me for a few seconds while she ran to get the doctor.

And then seeing her! At 4:52 the doctor lifted her up upside down, and exclaimed how petite she was. She had a full head of black hair, and was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She really was so petite, all of her features were just so tiny and perfect. I got to hold her for the first time and just stare at our beautiful little girl. I remember looking at Aaron and I was just overwhelmed with love, for both him, and our little angel: my love for them made life so much more perfect than it already was.

Now, 9 months later, time is flying, and I am still enjoying watching our little girl grow and learn. Life really is wonderful!

And although being a mommy is hard work, looking at my angel, seeing her sweet smile, and occasionally getting to cuddle my independent little sweetheart, makes every dirty diaper, late night, early morning, green bean smeared couch so, so worth it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catching Dust

So our little Cordy is so curious about everything; and she is a very determined little girl. Last week I was sitting on the couch with her, while light was pouring through our little window in the family room. I was just watching tv when I noticed she was grabbing at the air next to me. When I looked to see what she was trying to catch, I saw little dust particles illuminated by the sun from the window. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen (but that is a daily occurrence with her). Oh how we love, love our Cordellia June!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daddy's Girl

I was always hoping that Cordy would be a Daddy's girl, but now she totally is! It's the cutest thing. She always wants Aaron, and she gets sooo excited to see him.When he comes home she races on all fours to get to him, lol, and forgets about all her toys.
He is such a good daddy. He lets her explore our little house; he'll crawl around on all fours, following her, so she won't get herself in trouble. She loves to find all sorts of curious things that way, but I just usually pick her up to prevent trouble. He sometimes has so much more patience than me.
When he leaves the room she starts whining immediately. She knows that daddy is so fun and will play non-stop with her, and most importantly that he loves her so, so, so much! I just love to watch them.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hair Cut!

So, it was finally time, past time, for Cordy to get a haircut. Her hair has been growing like crazy since she was born. But, the top was quite a bit ahead of the sides and back of her head. So the top needed a nearly two inch trim. It was so hard to do it, (cutting her baby hair was so sad!) but now her bangs aren't in her eyes and her hair looks so much thicker! It doesn't look that different in pictures, but it is :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Fun!

Aaron, Cordy, and I all enjoyed conference! It was really amazing, all of the speaker's messages were so powerful. After conference we took a drive up through Nebo's loop, and it was beautiful. Cordy loved the leaves, ate a few rocks...lol. It has been a tradition every year for the past 4 years, and it was so fun to take Cordy to enjoy our favorite season!
Fall is one of my favorite seasons ever! It is a time where all of the senses are heightened: pumpkin spice candles, changing leaves, and pumpkin flavored cookies, kisses... you name it. I love it, all of those small fall traditions just make me so happy! And now sharing this season with my amazing husband and beautiful daughter, it really couldn't get any better.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A little update

So Cordy is now an official crawler. She is a little bit slower right now than her original "army crawl" but no doubt within a week she'll be zoomin' around. She is pulling up herself onto everything possible, so I have learned to stay within arms reach of her, to prevent most falls. And she's been pinching all of her food, which I love. Ha, I feel like a dork, the first time I saw her pinching her cheerios I started clapping and was so excited for her. I had to laugh after because I would have never seen myself 3 years ago getting so genuinely excited about something so small :)
And my favorite thing she does, that just melts both Aaron and I, is when we clap and say "yay" she smiles and starts clapping her two hands together. It is so adorable.

Two days ago we celebrated Aaron's 25th birthday! I made him breakfast in bed (his favorite, sausage and gravy biscuits)and when he came home for dinner we had talapia, smashed garlic sweet potatoes, and asparagus. It was delicious. And Aaron has been wanting these cupcakes for the last two years! I finally gave into the massive food coloring project, lol, but they were really fun to make, and they were yummy. Cordy even got to try them, and she loved them! (ha, but that is obvious, it is sugar.)

And overall, life is just awesome.