Saturday, October 18, 2008

"More good"

So Aaron and I are doing pretty good. We are loving married life, and adjusting to getting back to school. I recently have gotten an internship to work on campus as an editing assistant. I absolutely love it, it has been a great blessing for me.
I am actually assigned to work on a project the Maxwell Institute has been working on for the past few years. It deals with gathering all the literature (anti and pro) written on the Book of Mormon between the years 1829-1844, and transcribe it exactly so that people viewing it can read scans of the originals, as well as Word documents (because some of the scans are hard to read.)
It has been so much fun, a little tasking at times reading a lot of anti literature. Sometimes I can't imagine how Joseph Smith put up with so many crazy articles full of lies, and still remained un-wavering and strong. This project has really helped my testimony grow so much, and catch a little bit better of a glimpse of the trials that the early church was faced with.

There was one article that I read this week that particularly struck me. It was by Joseph Smith, he was replying to an article written about the meaning of the word "Mormon." I want to get a copy of the exact article. But he described it as the Bible, literally means good (I need to get the exact reference he used.) Then he gave a bunch of different translations of good in different languages, and in Reformed Egyptian good= mon... then they just took the contraction of more which would be mor.... so it literally means a book that is "more good."
I have heard this somewhere before, but I though it was really neat to actually read something that our prophet has written dealing with it.

Love all y'all!!! ;)

Monday, August 25, 2008

So, I am to believe, maybe I am just supposed to stay at my current job. I have been searching for jobs over the past two and a half months religiously. Its become more of a hobby I have come to believe. The frustrating part of it all is at first I was searching for job that pertained more to my major. Then when I didn't have enough experience for the few jobs I found, I broadened my search to anything dealing with secretary/reception work...... now weeks and weeks later, I am beginning to wonder if I am not meant to have a different job right now, or if possibly, I just need to keep working hard at trying to find one (putting all my effort into finding one, then through diligent work I might be blessed with one....?) I am not sure at the moment, just a little stressed out by it (poor Aaron).
But other than that, I am pretty excited to start school. I am taking a loaded semester, in hopes that graduation can come soon. Not for another year or so, but it is making me anxious with it so much closer.
There are so many good books out there, today I spent a few hours at Barnes and Noble and I contemplated getting a job there, contemplating all of the books I could own with the discounts they receive.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life in the Summertime

SO Aaron and I have been doing really great lately. We are both working at the same place, (I refuse to say together, because we never see eachother). But as of lately I am looking for a new job. This one pays great, and is really flexible, but working at a plasma center is not giving me any experience in the area of my major. I just added an editing minor to my English major, and I am super excited about it!!! Please don't use that as an excuse to scrutinize my writing though! lol, I JUST added, editing.
We also have been looking for a new place to live. The contract of the adorable duplex we are now renting, is up in august. We are planning on moving to the apartment complex Kristen is living at, (they have married housing too) and possibly become RAs. Which we are pretty excited about, because that will cut are rent down quite a bit.
Provo has been amazing, really fun, and offers a great enviornment, but I am ready to move out! lol, unfortunately, I still have a year of school, but Aaron has about three!!! So please come and visit, because we will be here forever!
We are both really excited about out new nephew coming anytime now, and are missing our nieces terribly (mostly me).

Friday, January 4, 2008

Jesus the Christ

I have just started reading Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. I will admit i hesitated starting it because the thickness was a little bit intimidating, but when both Lee and Dad told me that a sure way to strengthen and gain a testimony of Jesus Christ was by reading this book, I realized that is what I wanted most!
I havn't been able to get too far into it yet because every few paragraphs i catch myself contemplating profound and deep thoughts entwined in his writing. The beginning focuses a lot on the Atonement, one quote that has stuck out to me so far is,
"Morover, since by the transgression of one man sin came into the world, and death was entailed upon all, it is consistent with the reason that the atonement thus made necassary should be wrought by one."
I have never made this connection before. That this "free gift came upon all men unto the justification of life" because of the rightousness of one. What an amazing thought. That we only have a chance to return to our Heavenly Father, a chance for an eternal and pure happiness because of the sacrifice of one perfect and selfless being, Jesus Christ.