Friday, January 27, 2012

ahemm.......we are still here

Wow, what can I say about the last 6 months.....Let me recap as much as I can

We went to Michigan for a week! It was a blast. We went camping with Aaron's family, Cordy's first time, and had a blast with his family :)
Cordy and I went down to El Paso to spend time with the Herrmann family, and for me to squeeze in some more photo shoots. While we were there I got a terrible phone call from Aaron, telling me he got hit on his scooter, and that he had a concussion. Of course I freaked out, he wasn't wearing his helmet, and he was in the hospital. Not to mention he called me 17 times telling me over and over again the same things because he didn't remember anything. So we changed flights and flew home a couple days earlier to nurse poor daddy back to health....needless to say Pegasus is up for sale

Aaron started applying for Optometry schools while he was finishing up some classes at UVU. He applied to 2 schools in California, one in Florida, Houston, and Michigan.
He celebrated the big 2-6.

Cordy was Minnie Mouse for Halloween. She loved getting candy, but got pretty tired after a few houses. But daddy carried her along, determined to fill her little bucket (not only for her benefit :)

The Herrmann's came up to visit Creighton's family, but we got to keep Kristen and Haiden for a few days before they went up. We had a lot of fun. Cordy enjoyed her little cousin.
We drove out to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with the Schrocks! We had a blast, and Cordy taught Jovi (doe-doe) some new tricks, like how to throw toys off their balcony.....haha yeah
Found out Aaron Had an interview in FLORIDA! Wahoo
I finished editing a book of poetry, and started editing a novel.

We all flew out to Florida for Aaron's interview. Cordellia had fun with all of the missionaries, and got to swim a lot in Nana and Papa's pool (this was December mind you). We went on an airboat ride, and saw lots of aligators. Daddy and Papa got to sit on one, and Cordy got to hold a baby one. We did lots of shopping, and had some fun making some holiday treats! (I can't forget our awesome toffee experience, I was stirring the toffee and noticed towards the end there was white chunks in it, and pulled the spatula out and it was gone....haha)
Spent Christmas up in Utah at our little apartment. Cordy got a bike, a mrs. potato head, and a barbie she named Congo...don't ask. Those were her favorite things anyways. She LOVED opening presents, and opened most of mine and Aaron's too ;)
She has been loving to help me is so cute. We put our aprons on, hair in pony tails, and wash our hands (she reminds me if I missed something) She sits on the counter and helps to pour and stir. We get a lot of ingredients spilt, but it's a lot of fun. Ha, and when I'm not looking the little stinker sticks her fingers in the bowl, shoves them in her mouth and lets out a very audible mmmmm. She is really just too cute.

Aaron got an interview for Michigan! So once again we all packed our bags, and left to go see grandma and grandpa. Cordy got everyones name down, even the dog, ha, she bossed "Miggie" (really Maggie) around quite a bit. We had lots of fun with grandma and grandpa (we surprised grandma, which was a blast!) And pulled Cordy around in a sled.....overall had an awesome time.
Aaron got excepted into FLORIDA!!!! We were SOOOOO thrilled, and feel extremely blessed. So we will be moving in July!!
Cordy had her second birthday! ahhh, I can't believe she's a toddler now. She talks so much, and just makes friends with EVERYONE. Even on the plane, as we're walking down the aisle to get to our seats, she pats everyone on the knee as she walks down and says "Hi," "Hewo" they all just laugh and get big smiles on their faces. One even asked her if she was running for office. Thats our little girl. We're thinking of giving her a can to go around with :) haha

anyways, here are som photos :)