Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ode to Bridget

So a few weeks ago Aaron sold his beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee limited edition. She has been a great car, and there are so many memories with her, but it was her time. She was a '95 so she had some things that needed to get replaced, so I suggested that we would be fine with one car for the mean time, and my wonderful husband, despite his strong connection for his manly Jeep listened to me. He put her up for sale that day--he just wanted to see if there would even be any interest, and he ended up selling her within an hour for the same price he bought her for four years ago! (She did have a brand new engine put in since he bought her.)She brought us quite a pretty penny, and we still love her!!!

And if you know Aaron, you know why I had to post this, and even give it its own separate post. He REALLY loved that car. It was his first one he ever bought on his own!
Aaron had just bought her earlier the year that we met. He picked me up for every single one of our dates in that Jeep. He took me up to the mountains where we would watch movies and drink hot cocoa (but it was more like a milkshake because the car inverter didn't have enough power to both mix it and heat it in Aaron's Cocoa Motion) so sweet. We almost died in it because Aaron was trying to be a cool boyfriend (love that man) and he went a little to far on a windy makeshift road and thankfully Bridget got stuck on a rock that prevented us from falling! Yikes!!!
Aaron insisted driving her everywhere instead of my car, the gas savvy one, because she definitely was the cooler car.
And probably the best memory I have of her is bringing our baby girl home from the hospital in her.

We really loved that car

Nuestra casa, el numero cinco

I feel like it's been forever since I updated this thing. And one of the main reasons is that we just moved into a new apartment last week--we love it! Our last one was great, I just can't believe we lived there for a year and a half. The layout was awful, and little Cordy's makeshift bedroom (aka closet) just wasn't cutting it anymore. We were able to fit her crib and a dresser in there, and we still had room to walk in and lay her down, or dress her...but she only had a curtain for a door, so that made for hundreds of evenings whispering--especially since she goes to bed at 7 pm. And now, hallelujah! she has a room, and a door; and our layout is a million times better. We feel so blessed to have had the little home that we did, but now we feel continued to be blessed by moving into our new home.
Things are just coming together. We had massive storage, and I mean MASSIVE, at our old apartment, so moving here we have had to de-junk like you wouldn't believe. But this is good for us, because no home we will live in, in the next 4 years will have that much storage. So I have been organizing, painting, decorating...and yada, yada, yada to get this place to feel more like our home.
One of my favorite things is that now I can close all the doors in our hallway, and stand in the kitchen to do dishes, cook or whatever, and keep my eyes on our little toddler :) (Which by the way she turns one in just 3 days! Yikes)

And yes this is really our family's 5th home together in just under three years. I used to love moving because something was always better in our new place. And now, after we accumulated twice as much, no joke, with the little munchkin it is definitely not as easy :)

Cordy in her new tub!! We actually have natural light in every room of the house, with our huge windows :)