Monday, March 22, 2010

New Cousin

Cordy has a new cousin! We are all so excited for Kristen and Creighton, and their new little angel, Haiden Cooper. He is so precious. Kristen had an amazingly fast delivery (three pushes) and her little angel was here! They make such a beautiful family.

My parents came up to help Kristen out around the house and such, and Aaron and I didn't want to make the trip back to Provo Sunday night, so we had a sleepover. It was nice not having to drive home, but Cordy had to borrow everything of Haiden's. I guess I didn't realize everything that she would have to borrow: and outfit, socks, bath stuff, lotion, burp rags, diapers... and the list goes on. She even had a major accident in one of his new outfits (she had to initiate it for him), so we figured she must not like blue too much. But it has been so fun having family around, and seeing my little sister with a baby is so crazy, but fun!

Today was the first Sunday Cordy had a successful day at church! I think Aaron and I are slowly getting better at recognizing this little one's needs to keep her happy! This is the little dress Aaron bought for her when I was about seven months pregnant. I had a little bit of an emotional breakdown because he hadn't bought anything for her...(I know, ridiculous hormones). But the great daddy and husband that he is, he had fun shopping by himself and picking out this little dress for our little angel.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Too fast!

I can't believe Cordy is going on 7 weeks old!! She has been such a good baby. Lately, she loves her baths and she is starting to smile, and we have even gotten a few tiny giggles out of her! ahh how it melts our hearts.

She was having a hard time sleeping so we got her a swing, which she loves, but i have such a hard time using it sometimes because I just know she's going to grow up too fast, and I can't get enough of her!

With a mother from Texas and her dad a country boy, she just had to have a pair of boots, and not just any boots, but John Deere's. They are a little big for her, but she'll grow into them.