Saturday, October 18, 2008

"More good"

So Aaron and I are doing pretty good. We are loving married life, and adjusting to getting back to school. I recently have gotten an internship to work on campus as an editing assistant. I absolutely love it, it has been a great blessing for me.
I am actually assigned to work on a project the Maxwell Institute has been working on for the past few years. It deals with gathering all the literature (anti and pro) written on the Book of Mormon between the years 1829-1844, and transcribe it exactly so that people viewing it can read scans of the originals, as well as Word documents (because some of the scans are hard to read.)
It has been so much fun, a little tasking at times reading a lot of anti literature. Sometimes I can't imagine how Joseph Smith put up with so many crazy articles full of lies, and still remained un-wavering and strong. This project has really helped my testimony grow so much, and catch a little bit better of a glimpse of the trials that the early church was faced with.

There was one article that I read this week that particularly struck me. It was by Joseph Smith, he was replying to an article written about the meaning of the word "Mormon." I want to get a copy of the exact article. But he described it as the Bible, literally means good (I need to get the exact reference he used.) Then he gave a bunch of different translations of good in different languages, and in Reformed Egyptian good= mon... then they just took the contraction of more which would be mor.... so it literally means a book that is "more good."
I have heard this somewhere before, but I though it was really neat to actually read something that our prophet has written dealing with it.

Love all y'all!!! ;)