Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life in the Summertime

SO Aaron and I have been doing really great lately. We are both working at the same place, (I refuse to say together, because we never see eachother). But as of lately I am looking for a new job. This one pays great, and is really flexible, but working at a plasma center is not giving me any experience in the area of my major. I just added an editing minor to my English major, and I am super excited about it!!! Please don't use that as an excuse to scrutinize my writing though! lol, I JUST added, editing.
We also have been looking for a new place to live. The contract of the adorable duplex we are now renting, is up in august. We are planning on moving to the apartment complex Kristen is living at, (they have married housing too) and possibly become RAs. Which we are pretty excited about, because that will cut are rent down quite a bit.
Provo has been amazing, really fun, and offers a great enviornment, but I am ready to move out! lol, unfortunately, I still have a year of school, but Aaron has about three!!! So please come and visit, because we will be here forever!
We are both really excited about out new nephew coming anytime now, and are missing our nieces terribly (mostly me).